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Rapid Adoption Register

Rapid Adoption

The term Rapid adoption was used by both the medical profession and the Department of Child Welfare to describe the need for a rapid decision to be made,by a married couple who had recently given birth to a stillborn child, and was offered the option of adopting a substitute baby to replace their own dead infant.

As the couple had not intended to adopt, and would therefore not have been on any adoption register, these placements would have needed to be given priority and rushed through.

In most but not all of the cases the mother was usually unmarried and told her baby had died

Origins has received a significant number of inquiries over the years in reference to this issue and even if the mother or her children search for the lost child it is sometimes impossible to find any trace of the babys whereabouts

This register is for those who have no more avenues left to pursue

Please write Babies date of birth and note that some children have had their birthdays changed

Place of birth

Sex of child

Name of child

And any health or birth marks etc

Hair colour and possibly eye colour

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