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Origins HARP

Healing and Recovery Project for Forgotten Australians

Children in Magdalene Asylum

Who are We?

We are the "Forgotten Australians" People who as children were bough up in out- of- home -care namely in homes orphanages, missions, industrial schools, also children who were brought up in foster care.

We have been affected by family separation including the adoption, separation and removal of our siblings, parents and our extended family and communities.

As Children

We have been abused physically, sexually, and emotionally.We have been used as slave labor for Church and State

We have been forcibly incarcerated and held against our will in psychiatric institutions and  in places that resembled jails and concentration camps

Apart from being removed separated and stolen from our families We have had our children stolen from us for the adoption industry.

We have had our history, culture and our identity taken away from us

We have suffered physical, mental health and emotional problems for our lifetimes


We are still suffering today from the neglect and indifference of Church and State who have committed these abuses against us. 


Origins HARP is a project under Origins Inc Supporting People Separated by Adoption  

Holy Cross Convent Wooloowin Queensland
Magdalene Laundry behind Holy Cross Church
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Origins HARP Healing and Recovery Project for Forgotten Australians