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Queensland Apology
27th November 2012
Queensland Parliament


Queensland Apology to those affected by Forced Adoption


Today this Legislative Assembly acknowledges the wrongs that have been inflicted by past forced adoption policies and practices in Queensland.


We acknowledge those who were denied the choice of parenthood, especially the mothers, as well as the fathers and other generations of their families.


To the mothers whose babies were taken and hidden from them, and who were misled, deceived, threatened or forced to relinquish their babies, we say sorry.


You were denied a voice, dignity and care and, in many cases, the fulfilment of your pregnancy was turned into anguish.


We regret the untruths that were told to you and about you, and any illegal acts that were perpetrated upon you.


Today we say that you need not suffer in silence any more.


To the sons and daughters taken from their mothers, we also say sorry and express our deep regret for the trauma that many of you have suffered.


We acknowledge that you were denied the right to experience the bonds between you and your natural mother, father, siblings and other family members because of the practices that took place at the time of your birth.


We know that for many of you this has caused immeasurable pain.


We acknowledge that this experience has impacted on the lives of fathers, siblings and other family members and to them we are sorry.


We acknowledge also the partners, children and others who have supported their loved ones over the years in coping with the grief they endure.


This Legislative Assembly offers its unreserved and sincere apology to all those families forcibly and unlawfully broken apart by these past practices and we acknowledge that your pain and suffering continues.


We acknowledge the shame, guilt and secrecy carried by many for too long in silence, and that when it was expressed often it has not been believed.


Today, in this Legislative Assembly, we place on the record for future generations and say to all those affected, you have been heard, you are believed and you are not to blame.

We will continue to listen to, work with, and support you to heal and we are committed to ensuring these policies and practices are not forgotten and are never repeated.


To all those affected we say sorry.


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