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Origins SPSA Inc

Supporting People Separated by Adoption

ABN 48 507 164 002


The Precedent Organisation  founded on exposing the truth of adoption fraud and its subsequent mental health damage.

Origins has fought for two decades for the rights of those that have been affected by unlawful, forced and harmful adoption practices 
Origins members have succeeded in  obtaining two State Parliamentary  Inquiries in NSW(1998) and Tasmania (1999)

In November  2009 the committee of Origins was summoned to Canberra by Minister Jenny Macklin and was offered "whatever we wanted" if Origins mothers of "forced adoption" accepted being part of the Forgotten Australians and Child Migrants Apology, we soundly rejected this proposal demanding our own Senate Inquiry so that those affected by illegal adoption could tell their stories.

Through a media campaign for over a year we were successful in our lobbying and a Senate Inquiry into unlawful  adoption practices was later announced in November 2010, that subsequently led to a national apology given by Julia Gillard

The members of Origins take great pride in being trailblazers for adoption activism and the rest of the world affected also by these practices look to us to continue the fight for those who have not had access to justice

The Official Opening of the new Origins Office
March 21st 2014





Origins SPSA Inc
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Phone (02) 9725 7723

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Origins Inc Supporting People Separated by Adoption
Phone (02) 9725 7723
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Origins SPSA Inc is an unfunded organisation that relies on the memberships and donations of those that support adoption advocacy. It has not been funded by Federal, State or Church to promote adoption awareness and to the support the aims and objectives of Origins. We rely on those that believe in truth and justice for those affected by past practices, we have a large resource library that is considered to be a national asset that has enabled us to make Federal and State governments accountable for past unlawful practices .  To support us make a donation or join us, a link is available at the bottom of this page to make a contribution